Swedish stoner rock progenitors LOWRIDER unleash brand new single after two decades; new album ‘Refractions’ out 21/02 on Blues Funeral Recordings

Every single stoner and desert rock fan on the globe has been waiting for it, and they’re now ready to deliver: Swedish legends LOWRIDER are unveiling the first single taken from their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Refractions’ on Blues Funeral Recordings. Bang your heads to « Red River » via The Obelisk now!

Says LOWRIDER: “Red River has been with us since maybe 2001-2002… It’s the first riff we wrote for our second album, we even recorded it in 2003 — but it just one of those songs that needed to mature to become what it was intended to be. It feels so right that it’s the first one out of the gate from this forever-in-the-making album, and it couldn’t feel more like the perfect amalgamation or Lowrider then and Lowrider now. Absolutely STOKED to share it with you.Check out new single « Red River » right here

This February 21st, the ever-beloved foursome will return with their first album in two decades. Sounding fresh as ever, ‘Refractions’ is everything stoner rock needs in 2020: an ambitious, high-class record filled with the biggest hooks you’d expect from the Swedish masters, rumbling grooves, a jaw-dropping performance from Peder Bergstrand on vocals, plus a few surprises that will catch the fans off guard.

The Obelisk adds: « The album succeeds in every way in bringing Lowrider into the present and finds them indeed reflecting on the past, but refusing to lose themselves in it. (…) Lowrider reestablish their place among heavy rock’s most momentous purveyors. If their new album is an occasion, it is one to which on every level they live up. » To celebrate the release of this new landmark record, LOWRIDER will perform at both Desertfest London and Berlin this May.

‘Refractions’ will be available on February 21st and can be preorder now in the following formats:
– Translucent Purple Vinyl
– Orange Vinyl
– LTD Edition Digipack CD
– Digital

LOWRIDER New album ‘Refractions’
Out February 21st on Blues Funeral Recordings


1. Red River
2. Ode To Ganymede
3. Sernanders Krog
4. Ol’ Mule Pepe
5. Sun Devil / M87*
6. Pipe Rider

As the preeminent band out of the gate in the late 90s post-Kyuss wake, LOWRIDER‘s debut EP and seminal album ‘Ode to Io’ were foundational slabs at the dawn of stoner rock.  The swinging metal offshoot grew quickly into a worldwide phenomenon, with LOWRIDER established as one of its undeniable trailblazers.

Following those early releases with a handful of compilation and soundtrack appearances and a period of relative inactivity, the band re-emerged at DesertFest Berlin in 2013. They’ve since blown minds at Hellfest, Keep it Low, DesertFest London and Belgium, Stoned from the Underground and Up in Smoke, and issued expanded remastered versions of their original records.  All that was left was to give the world something new.

New album ‘Refractions’ explodes with all the churning fuzz and expansive riff-heaviness for which the band are beloved, shot through with re-energized purpose and maturity. The grooves swing, the bottom end rumbles, and the melodies growl and soar, delivering at last on LOWRIDER‘s longing-to-be-fulfilled promise. ‘Refractions’ will be released on digital, CD and LP from Blues Funeral Recordings on February 21st.

Bass, Guitar, Vocals – Peder Bergstrand
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Ola Hellquist
Guitar – Niclas Stalfors
Drums – Andreas Eriksson