Post-metal/drone instrumentalist S A R R A M shares new album ‘Albero’ in full; out May 14th on Subsound Records.

S A R R A M, the ambient/drone and post-metal vessel of Sardinian solo artist Valerio Marras, premieres his fourth studio album ‘Albero’ exclusively today on Everything Is Noise website. Get ready to embark on an adventurous and breathtaking odyssey, as it officially drops this Friday 14th May on Subsound Records.

Transcending the use of guitars, sound effects, synths, glockenspiel and mandolins through a stripped-down and atmospheric 40-minute exploration, his fourth studio album ‘Albero’ (Italian for « tree ») could be described as the resilient pulse of Mother Nature; a haunting instrumental ceremony which merest detail, from the delicate humming to the loudest guitars, are perfectly highlighted by James Plotkin (Isis, Sunn O))), Jesu, Cave In) work onmastering. « Across eight tracks, the multi-instrumentalist carries us across vast planes of sonic panorama, weaving gradually through a journey that begins with silence and ends with absolute aural despotism. A gentle yet commanding reminder of mortality, of decay, of the darkness that must always follow the light. » describe Everything Is Noise editors.

?Listen to S A R R A M’s new drone masterpiece at Everything Is Noise ?

Multi-instrumentalist and mastermind Valerio Marras about his inspirations: « I consider “Albero” a doom-ish record, a real swarm of sounds that provides a transversal experience and a wide array of feelings. There has been strong research in terms of frequencies, sound, the combination of acoustic instruments, and distorted layers. When I started the recordings, I tried to push things in a way I had never experienced before and it turned out very dark and intense. I called it ‘Albero’ because the first thing that came to my mind when listening to it was a big tree. I didn’t say anything to artwork designer Animamundi – I told him to follow his feelings listening to the recordings, and he came out with pictures of trees. I got totally surprised and, well, maybe it was written somewhere that it had to be called Albero« . ‘Albero’ will be released on May 14th via Subsound Records, in ultra-limited fumè vinyl, limited edition black vinyl, and digital. Watch his brand new « Midnight » video at this location.

S A R R A M ‘Albero’
Out May 14th on Subsound Records

S A R R A M is the solo project of Sardinian multi-instrumentalist Valerio Marras, combining elements of drone/ambient, post-rock, doom, and electronica. Also guitar player of post-rock oriented trio Thank U For Smoking and post-metal foursome Charun, Valerio Marras played extensively in Europe, with appearances at the KME, Schwarzer Herbst in Germany, Whoneedslyrics?! in Slovakia, Johanneskirche in Lobau, The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Spazio Musica Project and Signal Fest in Cagliari, Dunk!Festival in Belgium and Young Team in France. He also collaborated with MAN and Ciusa Museum in Nuoro, Mua Museum in Sinnai, Nubifilm, Animamundi, and naturalistic photographer Bobore Frau.

His fourth album ‘Albero’ presents a balanced and enigmatic mix of drone and ambient soundscapes, walls of guitar and hypnotic loops, while incorporating electronic and warm whispers. It’s a deep and intense journey, a dark ceremony of frequencies. It was recorded and mixed at ACME Studio at Cagliari, Sardinia by Nicola Olla and mastered by James Plotkin. The artwork was designed by Animamundi.

S A R R A M is
Valerio Marras — Guitar/fx, synth, glockenspiel, mandolin, kalimba