Occult doom merchants DEAD WITCHES to unleash new album "The Final Exorcism" on February 22nd via Heavy Psych Sounds Records!

UK’s occult doom unit DEAD WITCHES (with Ramesses/former Electric Wizard Mark Greening) return with their sophomore full-length and a new vocalist to bury all living ears into their filthy, horror-laden anthems. « The Final Exorcism » will take place on February 22nd in the mighty house of Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

DEAD WITCHES roar back from the studio on two wheels, Chuckalumba, where the fabled sessions for « Dopethrone » and « Let Us Prey » by Electric Wizard as well as DW’s debut « Ouija » were recorded. Sessions began on the full moon of 25th August in the heart of the New Forest deep in Dorset, the hallowed home of 90’s doom legends Electric Wizard’s folklore, marking Mark’s fourth time at Chuckalumba. John Stephens, operating the living museum of antique analogue and valve driven studio gear and tape machines, captured a world of demons and possessions… A banshee wail of woeful siren song weaving a sinister world of horror doom, through waves of burgeoning fuzz and hell sent thunder on the drum kit.
Realizing the magnitude of what they had committed to tape, DEAD WITCHES began to seek Doug Shearer, wizard of mastering and the final member in the coven. His previous work includes Electric Wizard’s classics « Dopethrone » and « Let Us Prey ». Artwork was designed by Goatess Doomwych.
New album « The Final Exorcism » will be released February 22nd in the following formats:
– 25 Test Press vinyl
– 250 LTD green fluo vinyl
– 500 LTD splatter w/ transparent background red-purple vinyl
– Black vinyl
– CD and digital
In today’s news, the foursome’s debut « Ouija » will see a reissue in the following formats:
– 400 purple background w/ silver, yellow, white splatter vinyl
– 400 orange transparent background w/ black, purple, green fluo splatter vinyl

DEAD WITCHES « The Final Exorcism »
Out February 22nd on Heavy Psych Sounds

Vinyl & CD pre-order from October 31st

1. There’s Someone There
2. The Final Exorcism
3. Goddess Of The Night
4. When Do The Dead See The Sun
5. The Church By The Sea
6. Lay, Demon
7. Fear The Priest 

Haunting vocals, heavy riffs, Fuzzed bass, savage drumming, dead witches will take you to another world… a world of darkness. DEAD WITCHES is the brainchild of drummer Mark Greening (founding member of Electric Wizard, Ramesses and With The Dead). 2017 for Dead Witches began with the release of their first album, “Ouija”. Featuring original guitarist Greg Elk and vocalist Virginia Monti (Psychedelic Witchcraft), and Carl Geary on bass “Ouija” was phenomenally received by press and fans alike. 2018 will see the release of Dead Witches’ follow up record, featuring new members Oliver Irongiant on guitar and Soozi Chameleone on vocals. Dead Witches made their grand return to the stage with a Saturday night appearance at the iconic Desertfest London 2018, introducing new vocalist Soozi Chameleone (Satlan) and guitarist Oliver Irongiant (Grave Lines, Sea Bastard) to the world. The band will return in the winter of 2019 with their sophomore album « The Final Exorcism » on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Mark Greening – Assault and Battery
Oliver Irongiant – Guitar
Soozi Chameleone – Vocals
Carl Geary – Fuzz bass

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