UK’s doom revelation MAMMOTH WEED WIZARD BASTARD debut haunting new song « Cithuula » on Cvlt Nation.

UK’s cosmic doom revelation MAMMOTH WEED WIZARD BASTARD have teamed up with Cvlt Nation to debut a new song off their spellbinding second album Y Proffwyd Dwyll, coming out this September 30th on New Heavy Sounds. 

Get bewitched with MMWB’s new song « Cithuula » on Cvlt Nation

Following on from their remarkable debut Noeth Ac Anoeth, MAMMOTH WEED WIZARD BASTARD‘s new offering Y Proffwyd Dwyll is again massive, full of riffs and all shot through with Jessica Ball’s trademark angelic siren vocals. With added synths, cosmic Hawkwind-style wig outs and tighter songs and arrangements, this new album is both doom-heavy and spellbinding.

Out on September 30th via New Heavy Sounds
CD & Vinyl presale available here

« One of the most distinctive doom bands in the UK right now. » – Metal Hammer
« They’ve already managed the near-impossible: finding their own sound. » – Noisey


Released just 9 months after their debut Noeth Ac Anoeth, it is once again produced by Chris Fielding of Conan, and without doubt a whopping great slab of heaviness. But that’s not all.Those who’ve investigated beyond the name, have already discovered that both the band and their music are deadly serious, and though MWWB may share sonic alliances with likes of Conan, Windhand and Yob, the many who tuned into their impessive debut have discovered that MWWB don’t stick to the usual tropes, and are a unique proposition, with a sound all their own.

The guitars are down-tuned to Z, the guitar tone is tar thick and the riffs massive and full of hooks … of course. But with the soaring, angelic, multi-textured vocals of Jessica Ball, MWWB have added an extra dimension to what’s considered doom. Not your normal melodramatic dark chanteuse here pilgrims, more like MWWB’s secret weapon, a vein of crystal in the rock, a combination which sounds at times startling and often beautiful. Like if Liz Fraser had fronted Kyuss or Sleep … though that’s too simplistic a comparison.

Y Proffwyd Dwyll has all the elements of the first LP, but here the band reveal their more song-based side. There’s nothing approaching the 30-minute epic of their debut EP Nachthexen, but the arrangements are tighter and the vocal elements are considerably upped. Add to that a smattering of cello, some swirling moog wig outs, and you have a record that also invokes Hawkwind’s cosmic synthscapes, as well as a nod to the John Carpenter soundtracks that the band love.

As with all New Heavy Sounds releases, there will be deluxe vinyl and CD versions. The LP will be a limited edition of 500, housed in a gatefold sleeve, printed inner bag with full download included. There will be two vinyl colour options: 250 in cherry red and 250 in sea foam green. The CD will be a 5 panel fold out package, with an alternative take on the LP design. ‘Y Proffwydd Dwyll’ will touchdown in LP/CD/DL formats on September 30th.


Paul Michael Davies – Synth & guitar
Jessica Ball – Bass, vocals, synth
Wez Leon – Synth & guitar
James Carrington – Synth & drums


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