Satanic doom merchants THE CROOKED WHISPERS to issue new album « Funeral Blues » on Ripple Music; first track available!

Transcontinental satanic doom foursome THE CROOKED WHISPERS announce the release of their sophomore full-length « Funeral Blues » this April 7th on Californian label Ripple Music. Stream the debut single and title track on The Ripple Effect website! 

Listen to new track « Funeral Blues » at this location

With musicians hailing from the United States and Argentina, the satanic psych-doom trio THE CROOKED WHISPERS was nominated as Best New Band in the 2021 Doomed And Stoned Awards. A true ode to darkness, the follow-up to 2020’s « Satanic Melodies » and Ripple Music debut is eight tracks brimming with evil riffs, occultism and horror tales inspired by black magic books, taking its cue from influences as wide as Black Sabbath, Venom, Death SS, LaVey’s « The Satanic Mass », Lucifer’s Friend, Thergothon and Burning Witch.

“Funeral Blues” was recorded over the course of 2021 and 2022 between different studios in Argentina and the USA, it was produced by Ignacio De Tommaso, mixed and mastered by Ignacio De Tommaso and Marcelo Suraniti, with artwork by Revelation Studio. It will be released on April 7th via Ripple Music, as part of a the special series of releases curated by Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rob « Blasko » Nicholson

Out April 7th on Ripple Music

US preorder – European preorder – Bandcamp

The Crooked Whispers formed in 2020 during the global pandemic and released their debut studio album ‘Satanic Melodies’ and the ‘Galaxy of Terror / Hail Darkness’ EP on Bandcamp. The « satanic psych doom » trio is made up of musicians hailing from the United States and Argentina: Ignacio De Tommaso (Luciferica) on bass, Anthony Gaglia (LáGoon) handling the vocals and Chad Davis (Hour of 13) on guitar.
In 2021, the band was nominated as Best New band at the Doomed And Stoned Awards, then released a 2-song EP called « Dead Moon Night ». Later this year, Chad Davis left the band and Federico Ramos from Argentinian death metal band Avernal took over guitars during the new album recording. At the end of 2022, a split with the band Fulanno was released on Regain Records.

Since then, the cult has steadily been growing around the world, sparking the interest of the scene and most notably Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko, who has signed them to Ripple Music under his exclusive partnership with the label for their highly anticipated sophomore album in the spring of 2023.
The Crooked Whispers lineup:
Anthony Gaglia – vocals
Federico Ramos – guitar
Ignacio De Tommaso – bass
Nicolas Taranto – drums
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