70s hard blues rockers LOVE GANG premiere new album « Meanstreak » in full; out January 27th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Denver-based 70s heavy rockers LOVE GANG team up with Glide Magazine to premiere their sophomore album « Meanstreak », as it releases this Friday 27th January on Heavy Psych Sounds. 

LOVE GANG is a throwback to the golden days of rock ’n roll when the amps were loud, the hair was long and the drugs were cheap. Propelled by wailing guitars and overdriven organs, the foursome holds nothing back, each song going full-speed ahead full of blues boogie and hard-hitting rock’n’roll. « As if the raucous spirits of Motörhead, Jethro Tull and Deep Purple had got together for a big old knees-up, » praises Classic Rock Magazine, and you’d better believe it!

Listen to new album « Meanstreak » on Glide Magazine

Their new album « Meanstreak » was recorded in Austin, TX by Gian Ortiz (Amplified Heat) at his home studio. The recordings were done full analog to tape and capture a pure raw sound. The lyrical content involves relevant topics in the band’s life ranging from women’s political unrest in the US depression, drugs motorcycles, and wild nights in Juarez Mexico. « Meanstreak » will be issued in January 2023 on vinyl, CD and digital through Italy-based powerhouse Heavy Psych Sounds.

LOVE GANG « Meanstreak »
Out January 27th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Hailingfrom Denver, Colorado, LOVE GANG formed in late 2015 with Kam Wentworth on guitar/vocals, Grady O’Donnell on bass guitar, Leo Muñoz on organ/flute, and Shaun Goodwin on drums. Love Gang likes to play fast high-energy songs full of driving blues boogie, wailing psychedelic guitar solos and crunchy Hammond organ. Following a 10-show tour supporting Wolfmother in 2018, Love Gang self-released their debut LP ‘Dead Man’s Game’ in October 2019 under the moniker Colfax Records. They are now ready to unleash the power of their new album « Meanstreak » in early 2023 through Heavy Psych Sounds. 

Kam Wentworth – guitar & vocals
Grady O’Donnell – bass
Leo Muñoz – organ & flute
Shaun Goodwin – drums