Watch heavy rockers STARIFIED cover Thin Lizzy’s « Cold Sweat »; new album coming out January 15th on Ripple Music!

While they are getting ready to release their third studio album ‘Fat Hits’ this January 15th on Ripple Music, Moscow power rockers STARIFIED deliver a one-shot cover of Thin Lizzy’s rock’n’roll steamroller « Cold Sweat » to delight your ears. Turn on, tune in, drop out now!

STARIFIED is a hard-hitting, groovy and heavy rock trio founded in Moscow in 2017 and powered by drummer and vocalist Vadim Ambartsumian, Yuriy Berezovik on guitar and Dmitri Shurpakov on bass. Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” is one of those songs that knocks you off your feet with its uptempo straightforwardness, lyrics and crazy solo. A true rock’n’roll steamroller, to which STARIFIED do honor through a blazing and masterful cover, shot by Alexey Razorenov and engineered by Artem Shcherbakov.

⚡️Watch Starified cover Thin Lizzy’s « Cold Sweat » HERE ⚡️

STARIFIED discuss Thin Lizzy’s influence on their music: « For all three of us in Starified, classic rock have always been a source of inspiration: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Who… But among these giants, Thin Lizzy has always had a special place – they went through several radical changes in sound and style, and left an invaluable heritage for multiple generations of rockers. The unmistakable voice and sound of Phil Lynott are simply iconic, and the least we could do to pay homage to his genius was to record this cover. John Sykes is among the world’s greatest virtuosos and he is one of the reasons our guitarist Yuriy Berezovik actually started to play guitar. Thin Lizzy is one of those bands you can’t copy, they’re not just a band, they’re a whole genre of their own. »   Prior to this one-shot cover, STARIFIED released an epic and fun-laden video for their first single « Don Loco », which is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Fat Hits’, to be released on January 15th, 2021 through Ripple Music. With its infectious hooks, knockout clean vocals from drummer Vadim Ambartsumian and unabashed nod to the late 90s, ‘Fat Hits’ conjures up an irresistible stadium-ready power, having you hooked all throughout its forty-one minutes of straight-up, energetic rock that harks back to bands as various as Foo Fighters or Orange Goblin. 

STARIFIED New album « Fat Hits »
Out January 15th, 2021 on Ripple Music
US preorder // European preorder


Upon its arrival in a great unknowable future, STARIFIED‘s new album ‘Fat Hits’ will serve as the follow-up to their 2018 outing through CSBR Records, ‘Feathers’, which found the band restructured from the five-piece they were on their debut to a trio, with just guitarist Yuriy Berezovik and bassist Dmitri Shurpakov carried over from the original lineup on the prior 2017 self-titled debut. The newcomer in this pared down version of the group for ‘Feathers’ was lead vocalist/drummer Vadim Ambartsumian, and he continues to make an impression as Starified strip away excess from their songwriting and refine their material on ‘Fat Hits’.

From the opening bruiser “Scapegoat” through “Don Loco” and the sans-frills structures of “What If” and “Anti-Rebel,” ‘Fat Hits’ is clean and sharp in its production and holds its purpose in the songcraft, but isn’t to be taken lightly in terms of performance. Less “a drummer who sings” than both a drummer and a vocalist, Vadim Ambartsumian casts a significant presence and is forward in the mix, but he, Berezovik and Shurpakov are all pretty clearly on the same page when it comes to knowing what they want their sound to do, and that would seem to be to engage as many ears as possible. (Words by JJ Koczan)

Vadim Ambartsumian – vocals, drums
Yuriy Berezovik – guitars
Dmitri Shurpakov – bass guitar

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