French industrial metal/trip-hop trio CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL unveil a disturbing new video off their upcoming album ‘Only Human Crust’ on Chien Noir.

Paris-based post-noise/industrial merchants CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL keep their promises of associating a video to each track of their new album ‘Only Human Crust’, due out November 20th on Chien Noir. Plunge into the paranoid and insane world of their new video « Asile », courtesy of a Cvlt Nation!

While CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL‘s first video « La Française Des Jeunes » mocked French politics, and the second one « 1674 – Now: Many Thousand Gone » highlighted slavery abuses, this third video « Asile » conveys a strong feeling of oppression and discomfort, which you can experience throughout the whole album. The band explains: « The video launches in a blaring way by introducing the album’s dark and heavy atmosphere. CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL used a real drum kit for the very first time to build the track’s main rhythm. It carries even more tension and cold sweat to the album’s already saturated and industrial climate, closer to burst than ever. »

The video was directed by Romain Siergie and includes footage from his movie « Ne Vaut Le Pêt d’Un Âne Mort », that depicts the wandering of two outcasts (performed by Barney Cohen and Thibault Cense) within an empty and dehumanized world. 

Experience chaos by watching the « Asile » video HERE

CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL‘s new album ‘Only Human Crust’ takes you through a disturbing urban jungle studded with political speeches and deconstructed  bits of daily life. From that intolerant, industrial and oppressive scenery, emerges an unlikely blackened dub euphoria. Nine tracks that highlight the modern world’s chaos and darkness in a highly compelling and intoxicating way. The French trio’s music is a bold fusion of alternative genres such as electronic music, industrial metal and hip-hop. Think Godflesh, Dälek, Neurosis and Techno Animal being involved in a gruesome transe amidst a deranging world. Recorded and mixed by the band and mastered by Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studio, ‘Only Human Crust’ is due out on November 20th, 2020 via Chien Noir on 2xLP, CD and digital format. The album artwork was designed by Ëmgalaï.

CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL ‘Only Human Crust’
Out November 20th on Chien Noir – preorder

French underground’s most loyal members since 2010, CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL is an ambitious project mixing massive drone/industrial soundscapes and hip-hop/noise-laden beats to produce a hybrid songcraft. Highly sensitive to anything visual and improv-related, the band always offer a live set that involves visual artists or video makers. Bass frequencies out loud, cold mechanical beats and sci-fi topics infused with political speeches that are disrupting the auditive approach, making it a subversive yet highly engaging sonic experience.

Following their dark experimentations infused with urban beats, CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL have issued two self-released albums: ‘Ov’ (2012) and ‘Ovna’ (2013). The band’s third effort ‘Only Human Crust’ is far more more politically engaged than the previous records, with nine tracks that highlight the modern world’s chaos and darkness, in the most compelling and intoxicating way. About ‘Only Human Crust’, the band says: « Laurent Gaudé’s book Eldorado, that tells several stories linked with the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea by migrants, inspired us a lot, we realised that we shared the same topics, these are about capitalist totalitarism and the different kinds of control, addiction an intolerance coming out of our contemporary societies. You can see all of this through Ëmgalaï Grafik’s artwork. » Recorded and mixed by CHAOS E.T. SEXUAL and mastered by Chris Fielding (Conan), ‘Only Human Crust’ comes out on November 20th via Chien Noir and will be available on LP, CD digipack and digital.

Yves (‘Chaos’): baritone guitar, vocals
Thomas (‘E.T’): guitar, vocals
Tarik (‘Sexual’): machines, drums, vocals, production


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