MONDO GENERATOR share long-lost « Shooters Bible » album in full, out February 28th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Rejoice, rock’n’rollers! Nick Oliveri’s outlaw punk trio MONDO GENERATOR unveil their lost 2010 album « Shooters Bible » in full before its official release this February 28th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

“Most people mellow with age, but in Mondo Generator, rock’s last true bad boy shows no sign of calming down.” Planet Rock Magazine

Nick Oliveri about this long lost record: « Like a religious person keeps the holy bible close to the heart, I’ve kept these recordings close to my heart for years and I keep my handgun in a fake bible “shooters bible” at home. So when all else fails, some turn to the holy bible for guidance, I turn to my shooters bible to set me free. Play it loud like a gun blast !!! ».

 Stream « Shooters Bible » in full via Outlaws Of The Sun

Former Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri returns with his band MONDO GENERATOR after a long studio hiatus, also welcoming desert patrons Mike Amster (Nebula) and Mike Pygmie (John Garcia) on the lineup. With new LP « Shooters Bible », Oliveri did pick a real punk gem out of his secret stash! Recorded in 2010, the album comprises entirely remixed and remastered songs from « Hell Comes to Your Heart » (2011) plus a few exclusives, and an incredible cover of Iggy Pop’s “Dog Food” featuring Dave Grohl on drums and Happy Tom on bass. 
The album was entirely produced by Nick Oliveri, recorded at The Pink Castle Eagle Rock / Meth Lab Studios Salton Sea, mastered by C.Gruer at Pisistudio Mastering. Artwork was designed by Bangalore.

MONDO GENERATOR « Shooters Bible »
Out February 28th on Heavy Psych Sounds
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MONDO GENERATOR was founded in 1997 by Queens of the Stone Age bassist/vocalist Nick Oliveri. Initially intended as a solo project, classic « Cocaine Rodeo » album was recorded that same year, but shelved until Southern Lord released it and its unique brand of criminal insanity to widespread acclaim and horror in the summer of 2000. Follow-up « A Drug Problem That Never Existed » was released jointly in the summer of 2003 by Ipecac/Rekords Rekords to further critical acclaim. The following worldwide tour was filmed for the DVD release « Use Once and Destroy Me ». In 2004, Mondo Generator recorded and released « III The EP ». 

In 2006, the bandreleased « Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails » on UK label Mother Tongue, and worldwide the following year through Suburban Noize Records. In late 2010, Mondo Generator would be put on a back-burner as Oliveri joined the reformation of legendary Kyuss (re-branded as Kyuss Lives! then Vista Chino), which featured John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Bruno Fevery. In summer 2012, new Mondo Generator album « Hell Comes To Your Heart » was released by Mondo Media/Cobraside. After eight years without releasing any music, MONDO GENERATOR are back stronger than ever. New studio album « Fuck It » is due out February 21st on Heavy Psych Sounds Records. They also plan to release the lost album « Shooters Bible » on February 28th via HPS Records.

Nick Oliveri – Bass/Vocals
Mike Pygmie – Guitars
Mike Amster – Drums

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