Swedish boogie rockers STEW unveil compelling debut LP ‘People’ via The Obelisk; out October 11th on Ripple Music.

Few bands carry the flame of the 70s like Swedish rockers STEW. Today, the radiant trio premiere their compelling debut album ‘People’ in full before its release this Friday on Ripple Music.

« There is something wholesome and sincere about its bluesy execution that seems just made for the outdoors, for sunshine, for some small “festival” happening on a stage outside in a Swedish forest with good friends and copious coolers of beer. » enthuses The Obelisk.

Stream shimmering album ‘People’ via The Obelisk

Markus Åsland’s hot and groovy vocals will lead your way to this promising debut album, which brilliantly explores the 70s rock spectrum. Taking its cue from an unforgettable era that brought about what we now call classic rock. Steppenwolf or Rory Gallagher may come to mind when listening to “People”, and this is no surprise: STEW have brought back a maestria in modern blues that is utterly soulful and filled with irresistible hooks. The bandadds: “Just like the first EP, the whole album was recorded live, except from vocals and solos. It was done in nine days at Studio Oktober, Karlskoga with engineer Jonas Ljungkvist. We wanted the album to be classic rock sounding like the ones from the 70’s that we love.”

STEW « People »
Out October 11th on Ripple Music
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STEW is a Swedish power trio consisting of Markus Åsland (Bass/Vocals), Nicklas Jansson (Guitar), and Nicklas Dahlgren (Drums). With a strong passion for late 60’s and 70’s rock, these like-minded gentlemen met in early 2017, and quickly started jamming, writing songs and even sharing the stage together. This perfect symbiosis had to be put to wax, ”Hot” was recorded during a live session and released on the 1st of June 2018.

Classic Rock Magazine picked the first track ”Might Be Keeping You” and included it to their ’Best of the Year 2018’ cover CD, which was the beginning of some great feedback from international press. Time for the trio to return to the studio and find a label to release their sophomore album… which they did, for the stunning “People” will see the day on October 11th via US mighty powerhouse Ripple Music!  

STEW are:
Markus Åsland – Bass & Vocals
Nicklas Jansson – Guitar
Nicklas Dahlgren – Drums

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