Occult doom supergroup DEAD WITCHES present a Halloween special streaming for « Mind Funeral ».

UK’s occult doomers DEAD WITCHES present a Halloween special streaming of their new video « Mind Funeral » via The Obelisk today. A moving tribute to their friend and guitarist Grek Elk, who passed away this weekend.

Enjoy the creepiness of the Mind Funeral » video now

When Mark Greening (Ramesses, With The Dead, formerly Electric Wizard) and vocalist Virginia Monti (Psychedelic Witchcraft) join forces to found DEAD WITCHES, the result is the heaviest occult psych superbeast to see the light this year.

The band have recently announced their signing on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, and should release their debut album in 2017. Keeping it mysterious, they however released a couple of snippets on Youtube, already portending some of the darkest and bewitching doom material to come out next year. Beware as the witches are coming to take your soul…


Virginia Monti – Vocals
Mark Greening – Drums
Greg Elk – Guitar
Carl Geary – Bass


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