US atmospheric sludge duo KYOTY shares new « Ventilate » video; new album out February 25th on Deafening Assembly.

East Coast-based post-metal and atmospheric sludge duo KYOTY shares a cold and industrial-sounding second except taken from their new album ‘Isolation’, due out on February 25th through Deafening Assembly. Watch the « Ventilate » video now courtesy of Invisible Oranges!
KYOTY conjures up crushing, menacing yet highly evocative soundscapes that encompass the sheer contemplative power of post-metal and down-tuned heaviness of sludge, all tinged with a fine industrial-sounding edge. Their sophomore album ‘Isolation’ was written across the divide of 2020 quarantine, with the duo recording and sharing songs back and forth electronically. The band wrote, recorded, and mixed the songs during the New Hampshire stay-at-home order, releasing one track every week until the order was lifted. In all, they wrote nine songs for the ‘Isolation’ series and added a tenth bonus track to include in the full-length version of ‘Isolation’.

Watch KYOTY’s « Ventilate » video on Invisible Oranges
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Says guitarist Nick Filth about the song: « Ventilate is from the Isolation series, songs written during NH’s stay-at-home order in 2020. The series is an examination of feeling more isolated than ever before, of new and unusual modes of living, of a state of separation simultaneously accentuated and alleviated by synthetic means. “Ventilate” is at once an echo of meditative breathing as a means of staying present in the current moment – a form of defense while passing through these challenging experiences – and a reflection on the frailty of human beings, dependant on mechanical support to prolong a tenuous existence in the increasingly threatening landscape.« 

The album was mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and artwork was designed by the band. It will be released on limited white and orange swirl 2xLP vinyl, black 2xLP vinyl and digital via Deafening Assembly. Watch their latest video for « Quarantine » at this location.

KYOTY New album ‘Isolation’
Out February 25th via Deafening Assembly
on 2xLP vinyl and digital – PREORDER

 « KYOTY for me has always evoked the sensation of hearing something in nature but unable to locate the source. Similar to thunder, the sound of it is awe and fear. » — Nick Filth, guitar

KYOTY is an atmospheric sludge band based out of New Hampshire. The cryptic, often secretive band was formed in 2009 by guitarist Nick Filth (N’Zwaa, Trembling Love, UNISEX, and Psychic Wounds) and bassist Nathaniel Parker Raymond (Conquered, White Narrows). After a few changes in drummers, Rob Brown joined in 2010. In 2012, Tokyo Jupiter Records released ‘Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful Past’. In 2017, the band re-engineered, remixed, and remastered the album to re-release it as ‘Remanufactured Realm of Ancient Annihilation’. 2015 saw the release of ‘Geomancy I’, a one-sided record, through Deafening Assembly. The band has also released splits with Host and SEA, a handful of singles, and a live recording in 2019. In early 2020, Rob Brown amicably left the band but the band continues recording and performing live with select drummers. KYOTY has played countless live shows and festivals with bands such as Today Is the Day, Rosetta, Pelican, Russian Circles, Inter Arma, Doomriders, and Morne.

Nick Filth – Guitars
Nathaniel Parker Raymond – Bass

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