South Carolina’s sludge unit WITCHPIT announce debut album release on Heavy Psych Sound; watch « The Blackened Fee » video!

South Carolina-based blackened sludge metal four-piece WITCHPIT sign to Heavy Psych Sounds for the release of their debut album ‘The Weight of Death’ on March 25th, 2022. Watch their new video « The Blackened Fee » now exclusively on Invisible Oranges! 

WITCHPIT is a four-piece sludge metal band from South Carolina whose unorthodox approach pushes the genre in exciting new directions. Their sound fuses the influence of high-powered stoner rockers like High On Fire, with the more moody and thoughtful work of Neurosis. With a heavy dose of tone worship and a passion for vintage gear, the band is able to conjure up classic tones that serve to bring the sound to an exciting new places. 

Watch Witchpit’s new video « The Blackened Fee« 

The band just signed to Heavy Psych Sounds for the release of their debut full-length « The Weight of Death », which was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Jam Room by Phillip Cope of Kylesa. The artwork was designed by Nino Andaresta. It will be issued on March 24th, 2022 in limited colored vinyl editions, black vinyl, CD and digital, with preorders available now at this location.

WITCHPIT Debut album ‘The Weight of Death’
Out March 25th on Heavy Psych Sounds – Preorder

01. OTTR
02. The Blackened Fee
03. The Weight of Death
04. Autonomous Deprivation
05. Fire & Ice
06. Mr. Miserum

Formed back in 2015 by Thomas White from The Sign of the Southern Cross, Your Chance To Die and his long-lasting relationships from around the South Carolina heavy music community, WITCHPIT quickly became a serious force in their scene. After recording their first single “Infernal” in 2018, the band started to make waves, releasing the track through Weedian. Over the next few years, the band dropped another pair of singles and started to receive some meaningful press and support from around the community. In the meantime, they picked up endorsements from Emperor Cabinets and Black Harbor Strings.

WITCHPIT are now gearing up to release their debut LP on European powerhouse Heavy Psych Sounds. They have worked hard to build up their reputation and refine their sound into something special and emotionally powerful. It’s hard not to be compelled by Witchpit’s classic rock-infused sludge metal assault. This might well be the next step for a unique band that can’t help but impress. Will you join them in their mission to bring the heavy all across the globe?

Denny Stone — Vocals
Thomas White — Guitar
Zach Hanley — Bass
Harold Smith — Drums