UK’s groove rock saviours TEN FOOT WIZARD bring the heat with powerful new single « Broken Man »; new LP ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’ coming July 10th!

Manchester’s tropical riff storm TEN FOOT WIZARD unleash their new brand single « Broken Man », taken from their upcoming third album ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’ on Beard Of Zeus. A powerful rock’n’roll statement in times of global awakening!

« Broken Man » is really special to TEN FOOT WIZARD, and the song also happens to be very topical in the light of the current #BlackLivesMatter protests. Frontman Gary Harkin explains: « The song is about being pushed to the edge, being taken to breaking point, and finally snapping. Similar to the protagonists in ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Falling Down’. Everyone has their limit, and when you find it, it can be scary. We live in a time in which a lot of people are marginalised, and the frustration and anger are palpable. « Broken Man » speaks of the mental and emotional deterioration of someone who’s been pushed too far, and that desperate state where a person can be capable of doing just about anything.« 

Check out « Broken Man » via The Obelisk

Mixed in Brooklyn by Grammy Award-winning producer Nic Hard (Snarky Puppy/The Bravery) and featuring Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy), new album ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’ takes no prisoners with its highly entertaining and conscious brand of rock’n’roll. With their juggernaut riffs, sexy grooves and fire-driven vocals, TEN FOOT WIZARD blend feel-good, dust-kicking rock anthems reminiscent of Clutch with the flamboyant sonic debauchery of cult groove troopers Funkadelic.

‘Get Out of Your Mind’ will be available on July 10th through Beard Of Zeus, and available to preorder on Bandcamp on limited orange vinyl, CD and digital. In light of the anti-racist protests that are rising all across the globe, the band decided to donate all pre-order profits to the Black Lives Matter organization.

 TEN FOOT WIZARD « Get Out Of Your Mind »
Out July 10th on Beard Of Zeus – PREORDER

1. Namaste Dickhead
2. Broken Man
3. Noble Lie
4. Summer Love
5. How Low Can You Go
6. Get Out Of Your Mind
7. Working Towards A Bitter Future
8. King Shit Of Fuck Mountain 

Formed in Manchester, England in 2009, TEN FOOT WIZARD started as a stoner rock group, but quickly began to incorporate elements of punk, metal, blues, funk and psych into a heady mix of sexy fuzzed up debauchery. Live appearances alongside respected acts such as Karma To Burn, Scissorfight, Pentagram, Witch Mountain, and Elephant Tree has fashioned Ten Foot Wizard into a phenomenal live act.

The momentum from a hugely successful set at Glastonbury Festival 2019, and the release of ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’ (July 2020) promises to light the blue touch paper on a career of one of the UK’s most engaging feel good live acts. Mixed by producer Nic Hard (Snarky Puppy/The Bravery/Bokante) in Brooklyn, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Sleeping Volcanoes’ truly ups the ante of the foursome’s groove-infused formula. Its juggernaut riffs and sexy grooves are taking no prisoners, as TEN FOOT WIZARD go harder and stronger than ever, elevated by the deep-toned vocals — when they’re not turning into a monastic growl coming from the depths of the universe — from frontman Gary Harkin. ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’ creates its own path of glorious and highly entertaining brand of rock’n’roll, embarking in its wake all those eager to celebrate the end of the world the right way. With a special appearance from Snarky Puppy’s keyboard genius Justin Stanton on final track « King Shit Of Fuck Mountain », TEN FOOT WIZARDspread their sonic wings wider and let their creativity flow through this 8-minute epic of pace-shifting psychedelic heaviness. Another TFW track for the books!

Gary Harkin – Vocals/Guitar
Adam Henry – Guitar
Jonny Banyard – Drums/Percussion
Emlyn Spiers – Bass Guitar