• 16 juin 2015

LIMB is a sludge foursome with a penchant for classic rock stomp, formed in a damp and cold London basement in the winter of 2011. Within a year, LIMB’s self-recorded demo was picked up by underground metal and hardcore label Witch Hunter Records; soon after, the band joined the New Heavy Sounds roster.

After two ferocious EPs – the Gift of the Sun 7″ and a split with fellow Londoners Gurt – LIMB released their self-titled debut album in 2014, described as « a beast of record, stuffed with Earth-moving riffs and enough groove to bring a legion of followers to the band’s cause ». A UK tour with labelmates Black Moth later, LIMB are now ready to unleash their follow-up, Terminal. Produced by Napalm Death’s collaborator Russ Russell, Terminal brings a new level of detail and depth to LIMB’s crushing assault. With their sound dubbed « GoatSlade », LIMB combine thick, heavy tones with punchy and nimble songwriting to bring together the best of retro fuzz sounds with modern metal. 


Rob Hoey – Vocals
Sam Cooper – Bass
Tom Mowforth – Drums
Pat Pask – Guitar