• 2 octobre 2015

Leaving their hardcore-laden stamp on noise rock and doom, NYC all-star quintet KINGS DESTROY unites musicians from the genres’ most prolific bands. Hailing from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, the band features within its groove-laden ranks guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski from legendary 100k album selling hardcore band Killing Time, vocalist Steve Murphy (Uppercut), drummer Rob Sefcik (Mans Ruin, The Begotten, Uppercut and Electric Frankenstein), and bassist Aaron Bumpus.

With influences like The Melvins, Yob and Cro Mags, Kings Destroy describes their sound as “brutal Sabbath heaviness with hardcore outbursts and disturbed vocals verging on the demented.” Hurling forth seven, soul-infused, lead-footed rock hymns, their fourth album Kings Destroy was captured and mixed by Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob) at Studio G and mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, Wovenhand, Voivod). 


KINGS DESTROY is some heavy shit. I can feel the emotion. I can tell Murphy has got some serious pain; he’s singing from his balls.” — Bobby Liebling, Pentagram

“The quality level here threatens to eclipse whatever proto-doom reissue vinyl you have laying around, and the passion and execution are sure to cut a clear path through the smoked-out haze.” – Revolver

“The band’s self-titled album sounds like it came from that era, when New York was a grimy and dangerous place, walls with spray-painted tags and art outnumbered clean ones, and the brightest colors anyone wore were shit brown and navy blue.” – MetalSucks

« A brutal masterpiece.” — Skulls ‘N’ Bones


Steve Murphy – Vocals
Carl Porcaro – Guitar
Chris Skowronski – Guitar
Aaron Bompus – Bass
Robert Sefcik – Drums