Founded by Gabriele Fiori in Rome and joined by Dario Iocca and Alberto Croce, Italian psych fuzz trioBLACK RAINBOWS sounds like a bastard child of the 70’s hard rock swagger and the 90’s stoner groove, with all the boldness that you can expect. When Black Sabbath and MC5 meet in a car crash with Nebula and Fu Manchu in the middle of the desert. Since their beginnings, the band hasn’t stayed idle, touring across Europe and the US many times and playing the likes of Duna Jam, Desertfest or Stoned From The Underground.
After three tasty full-lengths and a couple of EP’s – including one split record with LA’s space rockers Farflung, BLACK RAINBOWS are set to release their fourth album to date « Hawkdope » via renowned Italy-based mothership Heavy Psych Sounds. The heavy rock whirlwind hailing from italy still has a lot of infectious hooks in store for you, and they’re ready to blow your speakers off!


Gabriele Fiori – Guitar & Vocals
Alberto Croce – Drums
Dario Iocca – Bass